About Us

About Us

Tomahawk Discs was founded in July 2023 by local Bristol Disc Golfer Tom Sutton with two major goals: 

1) Help grow Bristol and UK Disc Golf.

Bristol is fortunate to have a total of four disc golf courses in and around the city, but did not have a disc retailer to support this growth. Tomahawk Discs was founded to fill that gap. Tomahawk Discs will be working closely alongside the local Disc Golf Tournament Directors and Club to enhance the Bristol Disc Golf Experience.

For more information on the local Bristol disc golf club, check out Yeti Disc Golf.

2) Help Disc Golf be more sustainable.

Tomahawk Discs wants to give people a platform for discs to be re-used and find new homes. A large portion of the available stock will focus on pre-used, recycled or misprinted discs, giving customers more affordable options, and keeping discs out of landfill that still have flight left in them.